VLSI Development Services

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VeriFast provides extensive services for Design, Development & Verification of ASIC & FPGA

Our team along with its partners take full responsibility of RTL Design, right from inception to design, synthesis, meeting timing, area and power requirements

Our verification services model provides for mutually benefit partnership with Design & Verification teams in assisting them get their chips verified. With this model verification manager can augment their teams fast by adding 3, 5, 10, 15+ engineers to their team for achieving critical verification deadlines and maximizing verification coverage.

Our Specialization includes:

  • Architecture Development
  • RTL Development & Integration
  • Formal Verification & Equivalence checking
  • Synthesis & STA
  • Verification using System Verilog, Vera, systemC etc.
  • Verification using Methodologies like UVM, VMM
ASIC Development

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