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VeriFast Technologies, founded in 2012, is a technology consulting & Training Company with focus on Semiconductor Design Verification.

Backed by experienced Industry experts, our Training material is exhaustive with emphasis on highly effective & affordable introduction to complexities of ASIC Verification. We provide verification training programs which cater to both senior and entry level engineers and target, in detail, all aspects of Design Verification and related verification methodologies such as System Verilog & UVM.

Verifast has best-in-class expertise in all aspects of ASIC Verification. We partner with design verification managers and verification teams to assist them get their chips verified … VeriFast! Through our consulting business unit, verification managers can augment their teams fast by adding 3, 5, 10, 15+ engineers to their team fast for hitting critical verification deadlines and maximizing verification coverage.

Verifast also has a very innovative cloud based offering for Enterprise of varying size and/or single users for their respective design verification needs. This offering provides set of Project Management tools alongside Verification tool suite with the ultimate goal of improving engineering productivity. In addition our state of the art cloud based platform caters to all simulation, regression & Licensing needs.