VeriFast provides only the training program. We are not an outplacement company. It is our belief that if you take the class and study hard, you will be much more competitive in the market and finding work will be much easier. Many of our students have found work quickly after taking our programs. They have found work at companies such as: Intel, Cisco, NXP, Microsemi, Synaptics, Quantenna, VSS Monitoring, and others.

Duration is the estimated amount of time that would be required to complete a Training. For this period of time, you will be provided with full access to the Training.

BootCamp courses can be completed within a period of 4 months at the earliest. However, VeriFast provides access to Trainings for the longer period mentioned, i,e, 6 months in this case.

An internship program is not offered after successful completion of the program. VeriFast provides only the training program.

The price for the program is the stated price. The price for our training programs are very competitive.

No, you will not be an expert after the completion of our programs. Our training programs are intended to provide you with a well rounded knowledge base to provide you with a competitive advantage, help your team get up and running on new technologies, gain additional knowledge, etc.

VeriFast has no guaranty. Furthermore, we make no claim of finding work, internship, or employment of any kind. VeriFast is a training provider. Like much in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Your access to JumpStart will last six months from the time you enroll. Your access is 24/7.

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