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  • Do you have training idea, but not sure how to implement?
  • Do you have an EDA product but don’t know how to bring it to market?
  • Do you have an EDA tool and like to provide state-of-the-art training platform to your customers?
  • Do you want to provide access to your EDA tool for limited time to users without worrying about deployment logistics?

VeriFast’s EDA Cloud Platform can solve all of your above problems. It is a perfect fit for offering training for EDA tools or training designed around EDA tools. The platform provides access to training contents in terms presentation, video recording and access to EDA tools on same display, which makes learning easier then ever.


  • Cloud based Platform
  • Presentation and Video Recording – Together
  • Ability to get access to EDA tools via Desktop or Built-in application
  • Seamless Integration of 3rd party Web Application including code editor
  • Built-in support with Live Chat option
  • Create and Save personalized comments and notes for future reference
  • Progress Tracking and Reporting
  • Instructor control for weighted modules for labs and/or instructions
  • Built-in secure payment processing with Paypal


  • Build EDA tool or tool based training
  • Provide Demo platform and training to potential customers
  • Provide Timed access to EDA tool to end-user
  • Provide first hand customer support with FAQ video and jump start training

Who can host their products / training on VeriFast’s cloud platform?

  • EDA companies:
    • Provide training and/or evaluation of EDA tools
    • Provide timed access to EDA tools (eval or sell)
  • Individual:
    • Convert training concept related to Semiconductor Industry to reality
    • Protocol Training such as – PCIe Express, Ethernet, MIPI etc.
    • Custom Utility to enhance productivity – Sell or provide access to world using VeriFast’s cloud platform

Contact us for hosting your training on our platform, VeriFast can help with all aspects of building training contents including video recording, hosting, setup etc.