Jumpstart Program offered by Verifast Technologies was a big turning point in my life. After my Masters program I had struggled to get placed in a job. During my Masters program I had learned only VHDL and I did not have any knowledge of Verilog or SystemVerilog. I had my doubt joining the JumpStart Training initially but once the course started I got a clear understanding of how the industry works, importance of verification, different methodologies, scripting etc. I started gaining interest in Verilog SystemVerilog and gave my 100% in the course. The homework and assignments during the course kept me in track as well. The more interest I showed, the more help I gained from faculty. The faculty staff were all top professionals in the industry. Additionally, Jumpstart Verification from Verifast was a great add on to my resume after my graduation. It helped me get several interviews and I am currently a Verification Engineer in a reputed firm in Bay Area. I am really thankful to Verifast Technologies for offering the training program and I definitely recommend the program for fresh grads who are currently in the job market.

Aby Abraham – FPGA Verification Engineer, VSS Monitoring

The JumpStart ASIC/FPGA verification program is very good for furthering career growth. The experienced tutors in JumpStart guided me in the practical use of Verilog, SystemVerilog and even introduction of UVM and cutting-edge EDA tools. Through the hands-on projects in Verilog and SystemVerilog I received a profound understanding on these languages which were never taught in my university. This experience was definitely worth it and helped me a lot in finding a job at Atrial Logic (consulting as Cisco).

Chong Yao – ASIC Verification Engineer, Atrial Logic / Cisco Systems

I enrolled in the JumpStart verification training program along with graduate classes in digital logic specialization. My graduate classes, assignments and projects weren’t sufficient enough to crack any verification interviews. Through the JumpStart training program my basics got more clear. The class sessions, projects and assignments gave me an idea of industrial environment which eventually helped me crack the interview. Today, I am working as an ASIC Verification Engineer and I strongly recommend JumpStart to students who are looking to start their career as a verification engineer. Thank you VeriFast!

Jayakrishnan Muraleedharan Nair – ASIC Verification Engineer, VSS Monitoring

I took the VeriFast JumpStart program in June 2013. The class was thorough and focused. The JumpStart team brought in decades of industry experience in the field of ASIC Design and Verification. The concepts of RTL design, Verification and Simulation were based on the most current industry standards.

The entire training process was beneficial in adding weight onto the resume since it increased the scope of job opportunities and also raised my place in the talent pool. The course material and tools were available (for limited time) post completion of the training helped in brushing up concepts while preparing for any upcoming interviews.

The JumpStart team was helpful in understanding the background and the main focus of each student and answered every query from us in a timely manner. Overall, the VeriFast JumpStart program was really a good experience.

Akshay Brid – ASIC Validation Engineer, Intel

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