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ASIC Design is a highly complex and rapidly evolving field. Verifying such design involves up to three times the cost and effort consumed during the Design process. Engineers with a strong command in Verification are highly in demand.

  • Are you looking for high-quality ASIC verification training courses?
  • Do you want a solution with a proven and successful record?
  • Do “theory only” videos drive you crazy?
  • Would you like a hands-on environment with access to state-of-the-art EDA simulation tools?

Then keep reading and find out how Verifast’s VLSI Verification Training Courses can work for you!!!

Why VeriFast VLSI Training?

VeriFast’s VLSI Training Programs

VeriFast’s VLSI training programs promise to provide users the verification skills required for today’s’ rapidly changing environment. The major objective is to bridge the gap between the academic curriculum taught in universities and the current industry requirements of functional ASIC Verification.

Our VLSI Verification courses are Industry’s best training programs available online. The courses cover fundamental and advanced VLSI Design and Verification concepts and are directed from entry level to senior level Verification engineers in the semiconductor industry.

VeriFast’s VLSI Design and Verification Experts work tirelessly to create/enhance/update the Training modules to provide detailed insight into the latest verification methodologies.

Maximum attention is given to the latest trends in the world of VLSI Functional Design Verification. Well instructed lab exercises and robust examples helps the students to become a Professional VLSI Digital Design and Verification Engineer.

  • JumpStart your career by developing the in-depth knowledge on ASIC verification.
  • Increase your competitiveness by gaining deeper understanding and experience with verification.
  • Learn the ASIC verification skills employers are demanding.

Current VLSI Training Programs

VeriFast has five distinctive online VLSI courses, primarily oriented towards VLSI Design Verification. In our roadmap ahead this year, we intend to include few more relevant courses that will surely aid to your expertise in the VLSI domain.

  • JumpStart: ASIC Verification

    JumpStart ASIC Verification is an introduction into the world of ASIC verification. The training syllabus covers all the critical elements required to understand the VLSI industry, starting from the basics of Digital Electronics and eventually working its way up to the basics of Chip Design and Verification using Verilog.

  • JumpStart: SV & UVM

    JumpStart SV & UVM is an introductory verification training that enhances the users’ knowledge in VLSI Verification environment building using SystemVerilog and presents an insight into UVM.

  • BootCamp: SystemVerilog

    BootCamp SV is for advanced users who already understand the basics of verification and is heading to deep dive into System Verilog with verification in perspective

  • BootCamp: UVM (Universal Verification Methodology)

    BootCamp UVM is for advanced users with a good grasp of verification fundamentals and knowledge in SystemVerilog. The course provides in-depth training for building Verification environments in UVM, giving the perfect finishing touches required to possess a vital edge against the rising competition.

  • Integrated Course in ASIC Verification

    Integrated Course in ASIC Verification is a comprehensive course on ASIC Design Verification. The extensive training syllabus covers all the concepts required in the VLSI industry, right from the basics of Digital Electronics to in-depth knowledge in SystemVerilog and UVM.

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Why VeriFast’s Online VLSI Training Programs?

Compare our programs with any other ASIC Verification programs available and you’ll find that VeriFast offers the most cost-effective and in-depth solutions.

Other programs are typically 5-day programs which are often just information dumps or crash courses, where you may forget what you’ve learned within a week of completing the course.

We at VeriFast believe that retention is best when a subject is studied over a period of many weeks, and whereby real-world design verification challenges are taught and solved.

Note, our training programs are learn-at-your-own-pace and on-your-own-time, providing convenience to fit your own schedule.

VeriFast Online VLSI Course Highlights

  • 24/7 online access to the ASIC Verification training portal
    1. Learn at your own pace
    2. Learn on your own time to fit your own schedule
  • 24/7 access to state-of-the-art QuestaSim EDA simulation tools from our partner Mentor Graphics via our simulation server located within the training portal
  • Hands-on labs to enhance and apply what you’ve llearned– around 200 to 300 hours
  • Online technical support and mentorship from Semiconductor industry experts
  • Access to weekly webinars (i.e., weekly “live”Q&A sessions with our support team), dial-in and conference calls with our support members and other students